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Haha. This is so funny, one day we’re a discrete tiny house, the next we’re posted on another blog and theres so many comments! It’s very exciting to see so many people interested and who have questions and dreams of building their own! 🙂 It makes us so happy!

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7 thoughts on “Our blog is on other blogs!

  1. Marilyn McConnell (Chicago)

    I am so excited for you both. The house looks amazing and I’m sure you will be very happy there. That is obvious from your use of color and the ninja turtle rug…Thank you for sharing! I would love to know the advantages and possible disadvantages of framing the tiny house in aluminum because I am very concerned about weight and the construction in general and I am not a builder LOL. Where other than the framing and roof, did you use aluminum? Is there any information that you could provide to me about the process of your build? What are the things you would do differently the second time around? If you don’t have time to answer all these questions I completely understand and all the very best to you in your tiny aluminum house!

  2. Hi! I would love to answer your questions but I will have to wait for Yuri to come home and answer them. I’ll get him to reply soon! 🙂

    • Yuri

      Hey Marilyn,
      Thanks for the compliments on the house. As for your question… here are some answer! There are alot of advantages to using aluminum as a frame. 1.) Aluminum is a much lighter, but stronger material. It really made a huge difference in the overall weight and the rigidity of the house. 2.) Aluminum will not rust. There maybe some corrosion if there are other metals touching it, but i did my best to use only aluminum on aluminum. 3.) A really important factor for myself was pest. The aluminum studs will not be destroyed by ants, mice, termites,…. bla bla bla. I really wanted to build something that i thought would last. If for some reason, i get an insect INVASION in the house and i have to tear it apart,(which can happen), at least the framing of the house will not be compromised.
      Disadvantages are also numerous. 1.) expensive. My dad and I bickered tooth and nail about the cost. But i still think it was more expensive. His argument is that because aluminum is stronger, we got to use less studs and framing material. Normally, a stud would go every 16 inches, but because of the strength i went ever 24 inches. Also, i have to say that my cost were much less than normal, because i have a close friend in the aluminum industry. 2.) It takes alot of time and skill to work with metal. Welding and cutting aluminum requires a lot of patience, skill, and the right tools. I was fortunate to already have the tools and some of the skills. But if you have to hire someone to do it, it will probably cost a fortune. 3.) the environment. Aluminum is not as friendly to the environment as wood. I could talk forever about this because it is a huge topic and passion of mine and both sides have plus’s and minus’s.
      My one absolutely serious piece of advice to you when building anything, is forethought. Think, think and think more. I, am really proud to say that I did so much for thought that there is not much I would change with my build. I would probably use a light floor material, and would have ordered the right window size for my dormers. I messed that up so my design had to change, because the windows were not refundable.

  3. where did u purchase ur aluminum trailer & How much does ur house weigh is always a Good thing to know when u finished ??

    • I believe it’s about 11, 000 pounds. Heavier than planned, but for it’s size it’s pretty good! He built everything in Illinois, so he got the trailer somewhere over there… I’ll have to ask him.. 🙂

  4. Yuri

    Hey Keith,
    I cant actually remember where i got my trailer, but it an Aluma trailer, which can be purchased in many places. As victoriak90 said, it is about 11,000 pounds. I would have liked to been at 10,000, but some of my material choices were not as light as I had thought.

  5. JVicki Jackson

    LOVE your tiny house! Would you consider sharing the plans? I’m willing to pay! Yours is only the second one I’ve wanted to duplicate 🙂
    You can reach me by email.
    Thanks and GREAT job!

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