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Kimberly Wood Stove

So, Yuri bought this wood stove. We got it in the mail in August. We didn’t install it until February. Hahahaha.

So we used a space heater most of this winter but started using the stove and it’s so cozy! After testing it a lot and filling the tiny house with smoke a few times I figured out the trick to lighting a good fire and the house stays a pleasant temperature all night! It’s pretty easy to control the temperature of the house too.



Close up Kimberly stove

Yuri built a beautiful live edge marbled maple table to surround the stove and we can store our fire making supplies and other things underneath! We might do a live edge backsplash kind of trim around the table and we may make some doors to the under storage part. But here it is in it’s current state.

It’s pretty crazy how paranoid we can get, having real fire in the house, but after a few weeks we got comfortable enough to leave the house with the fire going strong. This stove is really well made, safe, and efficient too. Now the seasons changed and we don’t really need heat most nights so we’ll see how next winter goes just using the wood stove.


Wood stove book nook

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