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Yuri is home!

Yuri is home!


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Finally Home!

Finally in Olympia!

Here’s a nice panoramic view of the house! It’s so cool! I will post more pictures in the next few days and tomorrow when it’s light out again! Woohoo!

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It’s here!

It's here!

Made it! Now theres more work to be done of course but it is so exciting to see it in real life!

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Bathroom storage

Bathroom storage

More woodwork! Here’s a shelf! This picture looks really confusing with that shower handle… I’m not sure how it is situated yet…Oh also, They are leaving today to start driving it home!

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Here’s a ladder!

Here's a ladder!

More woodwork! Handmade ladder. 🙂

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Bottom half closet

Bottom half closet

nice closet he made! the top half is basically the same exact way.
So update on why he isn’t back yet…they got the trailer weighed and it was more than it was supposed to be. darn… so they had to get new wheels and axles and stuff to hold more weight to be road legal.. so that takes a little while….but basically….they can leave in a few days.. I hope. the drive is going to be scary. snow and ice are coming!

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Shower installed

Shower installed

pretty much! now they need that loft!

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Finished storage loft

Finished storage loft

floor is set, sanded, stained and theres even holes in case we want to install lights to look pretty ha!

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Under trailer water “tank”

all of these pipes are the greywater storage… woah.

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Better view of the loft progress

Better view of the loft progress

almost 3 1/2 ft deep and it’s 6 1/2 ft long/wide? I can’t help imagine a ton of cushions and pillows up there and napping or reading.

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