4 year update!

Thanksgiving is our Tiny House Anniversary. 4 years ago, Yuri drove the house over from Illinois into Olympia, WA. It’s been an awesome 4 years living in it, transforming it, moving it, and fixing it!


Here’s some updated pictures of how we live in the space now. This is considered a clean day! Bed sheets are being washed, fire is roaring, electric heater is off. You can’t see it yet, but we’re revamping the bathroom! New paint, little convenient accessory holders, new mirror, shelves, towel racks, etc.

There’s a new cabinet/drawer thingy under the ladder. It’s an old kitchen cabinet drawer. It’s helpful for more of our clothes. Depending on where you work you can limit your clothes or you need extra clothes. We both have jobs that require separate work clothes so we realized we needed more clothes space instead of making piles on every surface.

We’re also looking into a new chair for the spot to the left of the fireplace. Yuri likes his corner. We had a folding butterfly chair there for a while that I fixed twice. Now it’s time for something a bit more durable! I thought a massage chair would be cool! But they are huge! Oh well. Something simple sounds nice. 🙂

Sorry for all of you who have questions and we’re extremely slow to answer! I’ll try to be better at responding quicker.

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Kimberly Wood Stove

So, Yuri bought this wood stove. We got it in the mail in August. We didn’t install it until February. Hahahaha.

So we used a space heater most of this winter but started using the stove and it’s so cozy! After testing it a lot and filling the tiny house with smoke a few times I figured out the trick to lighting a good fire and the house stays a pleasant temperature all night! It’s pretty easy to control the temperature of the house too.



Close up Kimberly stove

Yuri built a beautiful live edge marbled maple table to surround the stove and we can store our fire making supplies and other things underneath! We might do a live edge backsplash kind of trim around the table and we may make some doors to the under storage part. But here it is in it’s current state.

It’s pretty crazy how paranoid we can get, having real fire in the house, but after a few weeks we got comfortable enough to leave the house with the fire going strong. This stove is really well made, safe, and efficient too. Now the seasons changed and we don’t really need heat most nights so we’ll see how next winter goes just using the wood stove.


Wood stove book nook

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Garden time!

So here is a series of pictures of the garden transformation! it started out just grass and we built it up and are planting everything we can think of! yay! It has been so much fun. We either had most of our resources donated to us or found in the forest. Making trellises is fun. I’ll post more pictures when it is all full of green! The house is doing great, just gets muddy really fast when I garden and go in and out all the time. Our neighbor housemates and friends also help out with the garden. It’s kinda a small community project in a way. It’s so much fun playing in the stinky soil with people. Yuri doesn’t really like getting dirt on him, so he’s been doing other projects. He’s built some fences and tables and he’s making a truck bed slider for his tools. it’s very interesting. I’ll post some pictures when he is done!


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late post!

Hey ya’ll! So sorry it took me so long to write any updates. I have been doing a lot of projects. Like chickens! We built a small shed and nesting boxes and stuff and put up lots of fencing and now I have 5 hens! They are fantastic! Next, we got a tiny house cat! His name is Tommy. He is not tiny. We built pathways on the walls for him to walk up to both lofts. He loves sitting in the sun loft and watching people come home. He is adorable. This property is so amazing, we love it more and more as the seasons change out of the rainy winter to the early sunny spring. I am in such a homesteading mood and we are planning out our garden space now! So much! It is very exciting. The right property allows us to live the lifestyle we love a lot more. I am so happy we don’t live in a cul-de-sac anymore. Yay outdoors and forest foraging and gardens and fresh eggs everyday! So grateful to live in such an abundant area. PNW love.


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Be content with…

Just refreshing.

The Nautilus


Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. -Lao Tzu

Just one of the inspirations for this project. 

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Fresh kitchen!

Yay! Yum! Woohoo! So here is the new kitchen. We decided to get a nice new toaster oven so I can bake stuff in there like nachos and cake and frittatas and stuff. It’s awesome! So you can see Yuri also made the spice rack with pot hangers and the shelves and cup hangers. I think that spice rack made the kitchen feel complete finally. It’s so great. I love the darker colored wood. He got scrap pieces from a friend and transformed it. Yay!

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Hey y’all! We’ve been busy doing projects and going on trips and having a great summer! Yuri made a beautiful desk with a found metal frame and some gorgeous wood he hand-dyed. He also made a spice rack and pot holder for the kitchen and he made a “coffee table” for the corner spot where we put all of our special trinkets and collections. We also put up some more invisible book shelves! I love them. Here’s a picture of the comfy corner of the house! Let us know what you think! Do you want any close up pictures of anything in particular?

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Second Move

Second Move

We just moved from our first spot (in a driveway in a cul-de-sac) to the new spot! (Surrounded by trees and grass and garden space and birds! Yippee!) It has taken a bit longer to level the house on the wavy ground but it is almost set! The inside is a wreck though. We took everything off the walls and such to move and now we are very slowly putting things back together. I think over the years we will figure out ways to keep our things in place when we move so we don’t have to pack anything… We are doing some improvements though so stay alert for more pictures! 🙂

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Hey yall!

Hey everyone, This is Yuri :). I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out the blog and comment or ask questions. It means so much to me when I check the site and see visitors and or new thoughts. I have done my best to answer questions anyone may have, and share the pictures people have asked for, but if I missed something (or more likely forgot to respond) please send us another question. I answer a lot of questions in person from visitors or friends and then think I answer your questions, even if I did not. Victoria and I hope everyone is well and to hear from you soon. 


p.s We just got back from a wonderful trip. It was nice to get out of the small house and lay in a bed that didn’t require a ladder to get to, but man oh man I sure missed this little home. 

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Taco Night!

We successfully had our first hosted dinner in the tiny house! (and I forgot to take pictures..) cooked some delicious tacos! spiced beans, grilled onions and peppers, mushrooms with garlic, lime guacamole, spiced steak, and steamed corn tortillas! HA! Maybe this blog will turn into my cooking blog..jk! But really I should have taken pictures of the kitchen in action! I could have taken pictures of the dishes….

but yeah the point of this post is to say that we can easily and comfortably have guests over! we could probably do 2 more people with our current set up, and maybe a few more if we had extra seats! wow! I’m also realizing how many more kitchen utensils I need! Next time I will take pictures of the lovely food and mess we make and all of us squished together eating tacos 😀

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