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Second Move

Second Move

We just moved from our first spot (in a driveway in a cul-de-sac) to the new spot! (Surrounded by trees and grass and garden space and birds! Yippee!) It has taken a bit longer to level the house on the wavy ground but it is almost set! The inside is a wreck though. We took everything off the walls and such to move and now we are very slowly putting things back together. I think over the years we will figure out ways to keep our things in place when we move so we don’t have to pack anything… We are doing some improvements though so stay alert for more pictures! 🙂

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Taco Night!

We successfully had our first hosted dinner in the tiny house! (and I forgot to take pictures..) cooked some delicious tacos! spiced beans, grilled onions and peppers, mushrooms with garlic, lime guacamole, spiced steak, and steamed corn tortillas! HA! Maybe this blog will turn into my cooking blog..jk! But really I should have taken pictures of the kitchen in action! I could have taken pictures of the dishes….

but yeah the point of this post is to say that we can easily and comfortably have guests over! we could probably do 2 more people with our current set up, and maybe a few more if we had extra seats! wow! I’m also realizing how many more kitchen utensils I need! Next time I will take pictures of the lovely food and mess we make and all of us squished together eating tacos 😀

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I can’t wait for spring!

I can't wait for spring!

The weather here is teasing us that spring is coming! one day it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s 32 degrees and raining and windy all day… well we have a pretty handy heater for those days. It works really well. Holmes infrared heater….I don’t know much else about it I guess. It feels like I’m sitting next to a fireplace. cozy. 🙂 BUT it will sure be nice when it’s warm enough to put it away!

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The “whole” house!

Just kidding!. Definitely not the whole house but I’m in the loft as far back as I could go without getting the loft edge in the picture. Fun! I really like looking at the house from different perspectives (pictures) because you can get used to it when you live in it everyday. But it’s awesome! I love how much color we have in our lives (I guess I need it in Washington’s dreary weather.)
We rearranged our furniture! Got rid of the giant old pink recliner that I found for free, and got a smaller (but still comfy) chair that is next to/behind the desk. It’s a really nice feel in the house the way we switched it. even if all we did was move the couch where the desk was and desk where the couch was. hahaha

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The whole kitchen!

The whole kitchen!

Well, theres still a little more to do, but here is a picture so you can see the whole kitchen (taken from the other side of the house)

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First snow!

First snow!

The tiny house experienced it’s first snow! It was a beautiful night. 🙂 And you can see what the lights in the window loft look like at night! ooooooh I think it really looks like a submarine here!

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Hey all! Sorry it’s been a while since I posted anything. School is getting real busy! Anyway, here is a photo of some shelves Yuri put up. There will be hooks on the bottom for mugs to hang on. Also the other kitchen wall will have some shelves for spices and stuff too! We found a cool bamboo compost pail also! Yipee!

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on the road picture

on the road picture

🙂 Beautiful… Hey did ya’ll know that Yuri and his Dad designed the house so that in the future we can un-bolt it from the trailer and mount it on a solid frame on the ground!?

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Sheep Wool Insulation

Sheep Wool Insulation

Yep. Our walls are filled with this stuff. It stays nice and warm! We had a big rain/wind storm last night and our power went out! at first we didn’t know if it was just us, but our neighbors lost it too. I think it’s fun to lose power. It brings people together, we ended up watching a movie with friends that would have otherwise been shut in their bedrooms..also, the sleeping loft stayed warm al night even without the heater on!
…speaking of sheep, I’m also going to experience lambing season soon! First time helping take care of sheep (with ESSA, our school’s sustainable animal agriculture club). Pretty exciting!

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waste water “tank”

This video isn’t the best but you can kind of see all the pipes.
Our tiny house has tons of pipes under the trailer for holding the bathroom and kitchen wastewater and two valves for draining. (The kitchen wastewater is separate from the shower and bathroom sink water.) It can hold about 60 gallons total or more, we can’t remember the math of all the pipes….The house does not produce any blackwater because we use a composting toilet.

and this is just a cute picture of Yuri working on the pipes.

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