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old photos from the road

old photos from the road

We are still finalizing how to live with our things in the house. So, it’s hard to take pictures that feel right. So here are some picture of the house on the road! that must’ve been funny to see driving behind it and then come up the side and it’s like BAM! 🙂

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The Loft Can Move!

This was a secret surprise that Yuri did to the loft. It can slide on tracks all across from one side of the house to the other. When we slide it to the other side, there is more ceiling space and light from above for the bathroom and we can take naps in our bed under the sun room window or stare up at the stars!

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Invisible book shelves

Invisible book shelves

We like to have fun and color in our lives. Here’s some books floating on a wall! tehehehe.

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Aerial of the bathroom

Aerial of the bathroom

DID YOU KNOW WE CAN MOVE THE LOFT?? I will post a video of this… but for now, here is a funny picture of the bathroom from up in the loft, after it moved over like 3 feet. It can move all across the whole house!

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The Fun House!

The Fun House!

Our space is ever changing and evolving. Lots of colors, mix matching, new furniture, old furniture, creating shelves for books, etc. Keep checking back for all the new pictures of our micro home!

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Any other tiny houses out there?

Any other tiny houses out there?

Any other houses that are built over the trailer hitch? It’s such a great idea! So much more space inside and more aerodynamic when driving!

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porthole mirror

porthole mirror

going along with the nautical theme of the house, Yuri’s friend gifted him this porthole. we found a perfect circle mirror to go behind it in the bathroom!

another random note…it’s been interesting slowly trying to live in the tiny house. cleaning everyday is a big part right now since we’re still doing projects as well…

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How to keep a hose from freezing?

Living sustainably is not simple.

Does anyone have any ideas? We are using a hose that attaches to the big house we are parked next to. It got cold! So the hose is full of water and frozen and we can’t get any water into the tiny house.

We looked up some options such as heat tape, foam insulation, or both! We already tried using the foam, but we didn’t tape it on….the heat tape could be very useful but that uses more energy than we were hoping.

We are thinking maybe we should just use the water in the big house until the cold weather is over. I have read on other tiny house blogs that this living style requires a lot of work with friends and neighbors. I think this is certainly a situation to be grateful for our resources and be aware of how luxurious it is to have running water and energy and heat whenever we want it. I appreciate these lessons, but I do want to brainstorm a solution! Humans don’t have these brains for accepting situations as failures! It’s just a sustainability challenge! Maybe we should move next to a river like people use to.


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more tiny houses!


Here’s another awesome tiny house project and more!

lots of inspiration here!

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comfy sitting loft

comfy sitting loft

Perfect for naps, reading, sitting and staring out at the last few sunny days in Washington… It’s getting cold! We’re trying to make sure our water system doesn’t freeze during winter and it’s a challenge. But I’m sure we’ll get it.

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