Finished storage loft

Finished storage loft

floor is set, sanded, stained and theres even holes in case we want to install lights to look pretty ha!

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2 thoughts on “Finished storage loft

  1. Desley

    Yuri, how hard was the stargazing storage loft to make, as far as the glass and framing of it? My husband and I are going to build our own TH and I absolutely LOVE this idea! We both enjoy stargazing and love the view your creation gives! Much better than the one view sky light! It reminds me of those stargazing glass igloos you can rent in Finland to watch the aurora borealis and sleep under the stars in the winter in the warm cozy space!!! Which I’ve always wanted to do, so this would be my perfect opportunity to build our own!! Was just wondering what kind of glass you guys used, and how difficult it was and if Yuri had any tips or things we should know? It’s always nice when you can include something really special in your TH to make it unique and personalized as well as something you’ve always wanted so you never forget why you went tiny in the first place! So any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated because this is happening one way or the other haha! Also how hot does it get in the summer time? We plan on living in PA so it doesn’t get super hot there but it does get really cold, do you guys have any regrets as far as heating/cooling goes…or I guess any regrets at all really with the glass dome? Thanks so much in advance! Love you guys’ house, amazing work!! What does Yuri and his Dad do for a living? Engineer??

    • Hey Desley! The stargazing loft was seriously hard to build. I would not have been able to do it, if not for my dad. I think there are some easier ways to go about than how we did. We used windshield glass from cars and aluminum scraps to build it all. The car windshield was chosen because it was readily available and it was cheaper to custom cut. The other benefit is for when we are towing the house. The loft framing was really troubling…. mostly because I hadn’t planned on building it. It was one of those “oh, we can do it this way!” moments. With more intention and better math I believe it can be built much more economically and timely.We painted the metal to look like wood and then clad the channel framing in oak. The natural tones made it much more organic looking when gazing. I know this isn’t that helpful and probably too late, but if you’d like i can send you some pictures. Oh, and as for heating/cooling I’m sure we lose plenty oh temperature control with the glass… but it is well worth it. Custom cut thermal pane glass may be the way to go.

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